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Moon Bloom makes premium craft sake imported from Nagano Japan

Woman Brewed. Woman Led. Headquartered in Los Angeles. Moon Bloom looks forward to introducing you to carefully crafted small-batch sake.

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Brand Philosophy

One of Nagano Prefecture's profound breweries, Wakabayashi Jozo is home to 5th Generation Master Brewer Mami Wakabayashi. 


Founded in 1896, Wakabayashi Brewing has been family-run for over 120 years. Mrs. Wakabayashi is their first female Toji. Moon Bloom was founded to celebrate women in brewing, and to honor the work of long-standing craft breweries, helping the sake industry flourish by introducing it to markets outside of Japan.

Our story is one of passion, dedication, and perseverance. We believe that the best sake is made with local ingredients, attention to detail, and a deep respect for the brewing process - and that's exactly what we offer with Moon Bloom. 

Experience Nature

5th Generation Master Brewer Mami Wakabayashi produces Moon Bloom in Ueda Nagano in small batches, allowing the rice to be naturally cooled.  Low-temperature fermentation permits the yeast time to develop complex aromas, ideal for the subtlety required in sake making. Not only does Nagano provide clean water for brewing, it also creates ideal climatic conditions for rice cultivation, which Wakabayashi uses to her advantage. Moon Bloom uses delicate-tasting Miyamanishiki and Hitogokochi rice locally sourced from Nagano Prefecture. 


A Well-Balanced Junmai Ginjo Sake

Our inaugural sake is floral, fruity and umami, with a mild sweetness, crisp finish and hints of salt and spice. Enjoy warm or chilled. Citrus and plum dominate at colder temperatures. When warmed, rich flavors like banana and melon delight the senses. 

Toji Mami Wakabayashi recommends warming our sake to Nurukan, which is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is not as hot as Atsukan, which can diminish the sake's richness and flavor. Nurukan offers a subtle warmth that allows you to enjoy the full aroma and taste of the sake without overheating it.

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